Haven't been much of a fan of Wale as of lately maybe ever since his signing with MMG despite my liking for his "Ambition" album. I became a fan of him in the early days of his career when I heard the Mixtape About Nothing - along with all the Seinfeld based series of music he did. 

So I strongly believe this is his comeback season & I believe he feels the same. He is going back to the origin to which people fell in love with him & where his real fan base is birthed from. Then new album is titled "The Album About Nothing" & with him going back to square one, he has also linked up with Jerry Seinfeld to be apart of this project this time around rather than just skits of the actual show throughout the tape - Jerry Seinfeld will be apart of the album & from the looks of things will play a big role.

Complex recently released the cover & cover story behind Wale & Jerry covering the Jan - Feb 15 issue of Complex mag. Now if you know the history between Complex & Wale - Wale had a good amount of words to the Complex team when he called in after being upset to the fact that the did not recognize him in their list of top 50 albums of the year & Wale missed the list completely (Which I actually agree with Complex).

I believe in a Wale comeback though he has disappointed me for a good year or two - I have strong faith in this new album & the marketing scheme thus far have been close to perfect. See for yourself.