Last night I attended a very interesting social/art show/concert and to be complete honest labeling it any of those three is actually incorrect due to it just being a collective of great people in a room - better yet a courtyard. A friend of mine invited me to this event that took place in a courtyard of an apartment complex in Koreatown which is the outskirts of downtown Los Angeles & right before North Hollywood. The event was filled with all type of people right off the back that consisted with diverse styles, attitudes, & I'm sure views on how they may see life but one thing is for sure is that the comfortability was there. Though myself & my friend were the only black people in radius we felt right at home as soon as we walked in. Proper introductions to people we have never met, different clicks throughout the area - it was just a matter of time for you to look around & literally pick & choose who'd you like to strike a conversation with. 

So throughout the positive energy, pretty hipster women, pizza, beer & good conversations I wasn't aware there would be a live performance - though I did notice there was a mic/stage sort of set up under a tent. First performance was a very interesting one to say the least & to this moment I am not 100% sure what I witnessed but I can say it was hilariously funny & entertaining. It consisted of a man in a dress & heels with his makeup done as if he was trying to look like the Joker in Batman & a wig that resembled Whitney Houston's hairstyle in the 80s. He performed a collection of songs (not his own they were covers) & I'll let the description of the his/her performance be left at "You should've been there." The second performance & I'm not too sure if it was the final one do to my early departure but this next performer goes by the name of Lena Fayre.

In my time being there to see her perform I became an instant fan of everything she did/does. Before I knew she was performing I saw her around the event & had already thought she was the best dressed women there. He outfit consisted of a leopard print skirt, black leggings under, a button down top that had actual cottoned roses all over & a throw over brown coat that I believe was fully suede. Now if reading this you may think that outfit looks or sounds terrible but if you saw her confidence in her own self you would be a fan as well. On top of that I'm the biggest fan of not matching colorways. Before her performance herself & her guitarist were setting up & getting the soundcheck & levels correct but during so music by artist like Drake, Meek Mill, & Rick Ross was playing loudly. I noticed her rapping every word to every song which amazed me due to her look I wasn't aware she'd be aware of that sound enough to actually know the words that these artist were rapping word for word. That told me two things - she likes music of all generes & everyone loves Drake.

They band got band got their levels corrected & started to perform. I was only in attendance of two songs which I have no clue the titles of either song but I did managed to get one footage from my phone of one of the songs.

If that video doesn't do enough for you then you can check out more of Len's music at her website at http://lenafayre.com/ I'm very sure you will hear & see more of her as she is on the rise in her msuic career. Though it was a short one it was definitely a moment to watch her perform live in a very intimate setting. Was really able to get a feel for her as a artist & I'm stoked to she where she goes from here.

She is currently on tour throughout local Los Angeles visit her webpage for dates.