D.A.T.S The Reason Don't Connect - Anthony Somebody

My talented brother & long time supporter Anthony Somebody recently dropped a new fire mix that is dedicated to those whom feel they don't endure consistent love or vibes from people whom claim they love one another. This is all something we all can relate to & if any of the music you hear makes you think upon yourself or others then Anthony achieved his goal with the message he portrays in this body of music.

This hour long collection of music is meant to hit home & hit a personal space in your soul. If given the time this mix will succeed in doing just that.

Though Anthony isn't the forefront artist you all may know but he is also the backend sounds for Lil Yatchy. Though he's "just a DJ" don't think Anthony Somebody aka Quite Hype can't put on a show of his own while controlling the turntables. 

This mix is now available for your hearing via his SoundCloud page or feel free to listen below.

"D.A.T.S The Reason We Don't Connect Is a direct message to the women in my life that feel like they know me but give me consistent feelings of isolation and deep depression. I am sending this message to say that even though we might feel like we are connected and vibe, i often feel very isolated and distant and you may be the reason for All of that. So if these songs make you think they may be for you."