Photography by Fice

Directed by Kacey Lynch

Model: Robert

The story behind the Alex Cap is a simple one this time around. It's named after a friend named Alex. He's a very outdoorsy person & during his journeys these style hats are what keeps his face shaded from the sun. I wanted to make something that fit that same style of wear which this Alex cap does just that.

There's also another backstory - being a South Central Los Angeles based company I want people to understand the vibrancy to what South Central brings to the world outside of what the world may generally label us as. The usage of this vibrant yellow/gold is to display the light & gems hidden within the slums of South Central. Yellow is such a loud color that's hard to go unnoticed but it also is a color used to symbolize positivity & smiles. My friend Robert who is seen photographed in this campaign is a active member of a local gang but I didn't want to place his image as the status quo of what a SC native may look like. The gold contradicts that imagination.

IMG_7650 copy.JPG