The Black Mamba himself has always been criticized about every possible thing you can imagine as a basketball superstar. The new topic of discussion about Kobe is the fact that he is only 13 missed shot attempts away from being the all-time leader for most missed shots in NBA history (John Havlieck currently holds the record).

To a certain extent I guess you can call my response to that record bias being the fact that I am die hard Laker & Kobe Bryant fan. Kobe is my favorite player ever but I am pretty fair when it comes to him making bad decisions whether it's how he takes on the leadership role in LA, him taking too much money or anything that I feel negatively effects the Laker's franchise whether it being now or in the future post Mamba. But for me that record is looked at as a positive because of the fact that seeing what Kobe made out of his career thus far & how great he is & arguably the 2nd best player in history, I see the record as someone who worked hard to be great. Kobe accepted & faced all his trials & tribulation on & off the court & still found inspiration to win games & have a drive to be great & ultimately win as many championships as possible. I respect the record if you're someone who is considered a great & accepted the challenge to what comes with being great. This record isn't something open-minded basketball fans should look down upon. It should be respected & understood to why Kobe had to take those amount of shots & also style of shots in order to put his team in positions to win. And being a fan since the last time I could remember - Kobe always put the team on his back when dramatic measures were needed & some of the shots he takes, makes or misses, no other player in history could ever attempt.