Bricks & Wood Featured in GQ Style Fall 2018

Bricks & Wood Featured in GQ Style Fall 2018 — May 5, 2020

A little late but last month GQ Style released their Fall 2018 issue with Tyler The Creator as their cover artist. What's special to us about this issue is that Tyler is seen here wearing our Norse Blue Heavy Knit Beanie on the cover along with other color options of our Heavy Knit Beanies inside the publication.

URLA x Bricks & Wood Collaboration Tee

URLA x Bricks & Wood Collaboration Tee — Apr 4, 2020

This tee is to set the new standard to how we recycle our dollar. We spend so much time, money & effort supporting brands & companies who only care about the dollar amount you spend, we tend to lose track of the friends & peers next to us making that are making a genuine effort to support themselves & others. Well this is your reminder, this is your new flex. 

Made In America

Made In America — Apr 2, 2020

Coachella of 2017 I was with my bro Aaron sitting in a parking lot at a Ralph's due to the fact that we weren't able to actually hit the Coachella campgrounds yet due to us being too early. 

Grandma Cathy for Bricks & Wood

Grandma Cathy for Bricks & Wood — Mar 3, 2020

Step one with Bricks & Wood is to always make sure I'm expressing my creativity from the core. I just want to be as open & transparent with my customers, supporters, & readers as much as I can even when words can't do the job at the time. Bricks & Wood is my outlet & outreach to obtain to the people my own being may not have been capable of on my own. The process is easy for me - start within then work my way out but even when doing so it's not a far reach. The people I collaborate with on ideas & opinions are people closely knitted to me so their opinions & creativity is the only validation I need if or whenever needed.