If there is something you should listen to today, it's this album. This album single handedly saved my life from my own disappearance. This album couldn't have came out at any more perfect of a time. For me I was in the 11th grade of high school & that was by far the most depressing time of my life. Whether it was school issues, family issues, personal issues, girl issues, issues in general that affected me in some way it took a toll on me. Hearing this album showed me that I was not alone & that there is people in the world that are going through similar problems as me & that it's okay to feel how I felt.n It helped me realize that I am an outcast & it showed me how to embrace the fact I was different. This album molded me into the pure individual I am today & will forever go down as the one of the best albums ever made. I'm sure you've heard it but if you have time today or any day at that take sometime out of your day & give this albums complete listen from start to finish & reminisce a bit & create visuals in your mind. This album is currently playing track no. 7 which is "Day N Nite"