I may be one of the few people in the world that gets excited over a well stitched t-shirt. Whether it's the color, the neck line, the fit, the length, any & every little detail about a quality t-shirt just excites me. This shirt in-particular has been on my radar for awhile now & just about everything from this t-shirt makes it amazing. You may see this t-shirt & think "Why would someone pay $70 for a tee?" Well I have your answer here...

If a t-shirt is made correctly a t-shirt can last forever & I don't mean that figuratively. T-shirts are so essential in everyone's life if you genuinely think about it & a lot of us don't realize it. It's more than likely the first thing you put on, possibly the last item you may take off or even keep on. T-shirts are the prime mannequin of the human body. If made with care & quality in mind when sewing, it can never have error. And what I mean by that is a good t-shirt can be worn on a daily, without ironing, steaming, washing, altering or anything of the sort.

Tees should be the most painless thing you throw on when getting dressed even if it's your final item choice when doing so. You shouldn't have to iron it, shouldn't have to wash it (unless it smells of course) it should just be worn at anytime & anyplace of the day. T-shirts aren't considered a "basics" for no reason. It's basic, it's simple, & it's easy. So if done correctly you can make wearing a tee the most painless process there is to fashion.

That's my goal with this brand. My goal is to make the perfect t-shirt. A tee you can wear any & everyday if needed no matter if you're into fashion or not, just wear it...

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