I've been very critical on Kanye within the past two years especially fashionably. When I first got into Ye he was for me at the time maybe the most influential to my style along with others like Pharrell, Lupe Fiasco, & KiD CuDi. I haven't been the most sympathetic critic as of late because Kanye at one point could do no wrong. Now I feel everything he does style wise is more than likely going to be incorrect in my opinion.

I am NOT a fan. He's gotten too safe for fashion, his innovation is gone completely at this point & overall the look he's going for just doesn't look good on him plain & simple. Ye's knowledge & passion for fashion is unmatched. He can give you just about any & every detail about how a pant can be correct sewed & measured but for some reason when he's wearing the pant he looks out of shape. So below is a video of the behind the scenes of his most recent GQ cover which he took full control of & styled the full shoot with each look himself. After previewing this video I was shocked because finally I was stoked to see a lot of things I loved about the outfits he choose. But I had to realize that these outfits did not see the day of light. These outfits were not the outfits that were final choices to be feature in the physical magazine & cover.

That disappoints me. It's sad that Ye's confidence in himself has allowed him to over see his own (what could be) unique style. Seeing this BTS it shows me he still has the ideas, he still can have style, but his consistency is one of the main concerns & also his choices of which looks he feels are greater than others. You either have the look or you don't, or you've had it. It's that simple. Make fashion simple by have your look. Look good in styles that make you look good & not what culture at the time thinks looks good. I feel Kanye has lost his touch in his own personal style but knowledge is power & with a resume of Kanye's statue & knowing what he knows about the fashion industry, I will always give him room for error & a chance to not only produce great but look great in his own garments. This videos shows he still has it & being that he took control over the styles & looks of the shoot, I'm not sure why the styles you get to see glimpses (in the video) of did not make the final cut.