My brother Umi was first on my list to my newest blog segment "What makes the perfect T-shirt?". Umi is someone I have always came to for knowledge in all aspects especially when it comes to fashion. When we met it was an instant relationship, we both saw things the same way & the things we didn't see we both wanted to make happen in the industry. He was the perfect candidate for this new one question interviews I'm starting & his answer couldn't have been anymore perfect & agreeable if you ask me. See what Umi had to say below along with links to tees he feel are great & worth purchasing at the moment.

The perfect T shirt is about length and the structure of the body. A traditional box shaped T shirt like Levi’s vintage is going to be shorter in length with a cap sleeve and is more fitting to wear with a slimmer legged pant. With age I have grown to enjoy the feeling of a more American cut that isn’t as lean in the upper chest - it’s broad and tapered slightly around the mid section with a thicker hem on the bottom and ribbing around the neck. Those are all the specs of the perfect shape. But the perfect T is heather grey/slob yarn/ and cut on bias at the neckline and body.
— Umi