In high school headed into my Junior year I decided to make a personal change for the better in my personal life. I decided to join a club on campus that we called "Peer Leadership" but I'm sure your school had something of the sort as well or maybe even the same name. But if not Peer Leadership was basically a group of kids that were aware of the problems & issues that were among campus internally that didn't always get reported to the deans & principles of the schools due to maybe them not caring much or just the fact that some students felt that they didn't have anyone to speak to about their or certain issues among campus or even outside of campus. We were a classroom full of young counselors & we strived to bring peace into our school. Now this may possibly sound a little corny or what not but if you knew me & saw where my life & mindset was headed you would see exactly to why I needed change & joined this program over any other programs around school. The most interesting part about myself realization was the fact that I didn't wait until I got in trouble with school or anything, it was just a feeling I felt that could head into the wrong direction & I needed to adjust. So I decided to join & do a interview with P.L. (not Public Label) without any sort of recommendation or because I had friends in the program, none of that - I didn't know one person in the program not even the teacher - I took a risk in my life that I honestly can say without that program I would've ruined my life.

I made it into the program & though I had some issues that still needed adjustments while being in it, I had great mentors by the names of Mr. G & Ms. Chavez give me great tools & guidance to find who I was internally & use my gifts accordingly to help others & be a positive asset to the world around me. For that I am forever grateful & I would never forget where my change & key to unlock true being started & the great peers & mentors I had to help me become who I am today.

With that being said, outside of our goals & achievements in the school zone, we also had a lot of community projects to take on in order to help make change to a different demographic than just our schoolmates. One of the many projects & issue topics we took on was 'texting & driving". Not only in our neighborhoods did that become a problem but statistically it turned out to be the number one cause of death to behind the wheel drivers. We took on many conferences & worked a lot of days during & after school also including weekends in order to make a change & in our communities first then to one day hopefully across the country. The beauty of this program is that though your school may not have had this type of program or took on these type of projects & events there are other schools across the country serving the same exact messages to their peers & communities as well. We would attend conferences & programs from just about anywhere around the world would be at the same conference & we would all get together to create ideas & feed off each other's energy to get inspired to take what we learned back to our own & make that change. One of my mentors I previously mentioned Ms. Chavez, she recently posted on her Facebook page this video below that sparked the whole idea & inspiration behind this post & a recap to a huge tool that helped build me into who I am today. This video is a pretty graphical video that should change your whole outlook on how quick texting & driving could turn into a terrible outcome for not only yourself but others whom may be in the car with you as well. Now I don't want to give much away & end the curiosity of what your'e about to see because if you feel what I felt after watching this, you will appreciate the shocking outcome & will apply it to yourself as a wakeup call to when you're in the car as the driver...

Thank you Mom aka Ms. Chavez for posting this! I haven't seen or talked to you in such a long time but if you ever get the time to come across this reading just know your son is doing awesome & lives his life to the fullest everyday while using the teachings you & G taught me. Hope to hear from you soon! I love you & hope all is well! :)  (Also excuse me if there is any typos haha)  -Kacey <3

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