Skate brand Element asked long-time friend, family member, Element advocate, and staff photographer Brian Gaberman to accompany them on a 10-day journey across the North East of the US. The trip took them from the hustle and bustle of NYC all the way out to the small rural town of Wolfeboro New Hampshire, where they found an appreciation for nature and simple living. In a way, the trip signified the gradual growth and maturing of both the Element brand and Gaberman's photography.

Watch the eight-minute trip documentary above and take a look at some of Gaberman's photographs, taken using dry plate glass negatives, below. There will also be a "The Road To Wolfeboro" exhibition tour from 21 November to 4 December, 2014, stopping at Barcelona, Lisbon and London and featuring Brian Gaberman’s photography, the documentary, and live music by Element Advocate Bastien Duverdier aka. Képa.

There’s nothing harder than being given unlimited freedom.
— Brian Gaberman

Here are the images he captured - simply beautiful.