Last night I had a random thought about the feeling of going out and renting a movie or video game on a Friday night, possibly order some pizza, moms may have cooked - and just anything of the sort that was considered a chill night. At those times the term "turn up" wasn't around. I wasn't anywhere near close to going to a club & when the street lights came on if I wasn't at my best friend Anthony's house with him & his parents whom my mom knew - I was at the house chillin' eating good along with possibilities of watching a movie or playing a video game.

Not as if it was ages ago but at that time there wasn't much internet going on I'm talking about the times where there was AOL & when you signed in "You got mail." was said out loud depending on if you had mail & how loud the volume was. A time when if you got online while someone was on the house phone you could hear the conversation they were having because the house phone & internet was one - literally. A time where when you rented a movie went out to get another movie & couldn't get it because you haven't returned the old one & now you had late fees. Before there was a Redbox - hell before there was even a thing called "Throwback Thursdays". I'm talking about the times of the battle between Blockbuster & Hollywood Video.

My history & times could be a little off but as far as I could remember Blockbuster seemed to be the location & company that was before Hollywood then somehow that transaction shifted & Hollywood Video became the main attraction for me at least. It was crazy because I vividly remember it being a Hollywood Video & Blockbuster in the same parking lot. I guess you went to whichever location depending on which was closer to you but for me like stated before I had options & options within yards of each other.

I feel like Hollywood ended up being my preferable preference when it came to movie & game renting. I felt the selection was bigger & a lot better than Blockbuster which end up being why I slowly but surely faded away from shopping there with my mom & grandmother's money. At the time I was big on Disney movies & video games - more so video games & it seemed that almost every time I went (not all because I remember a few times being really disappointed in a game already being rented out) I came out with something I wanted. Whether it was a video game, a movie or a expensive ass piece of candy. I walked out with a smile & excited to go back the following Friday to see what I could get lucky on next because the strategy of renting movies & games was basically the Hunger Games in it's earliest of forms.

We are in a new age now where renting movies is so 2002 that we don't even have to rent movies anymore & the only movies we pay for is to either go see it in theaters or actually buy it for keeps. If I ever want to watch a movie that I don't have I'm directly to Google & searching for the free stream of literally any movie that was ever made. So the main thing I missed was just the feeling of being a kid again & my childhood in general. Haven't felt a similar feeling in such a long time & nowadays I tend to wonder what feelings my younger generation will miss when they're older. Tumblr? Instagram? Twitter? Social media in general - I feel like there's nothing soulful or even actual that they'll miss which is sad to a certain degree. But times have changed & you have to adjust with the world & it's creations or you will be the one left behind at your on risk. What they don't know what they're missing out on can't make them miss it or even want it. Glad I was the last of the "before social media" era.