Searching through our Tumblr feed I came across this epic story of two friends who spontaneously took a road trip from NYC to Santa Cruz with no mission in mind but just to explore & take some photos. A story of this style fits the inspiration behind the brand because like we always say "We build inspiration form things outside of fashion." So seeing that there are people out in the world that actually are doing things of this nature still it lets us know we have a customer, it lets us know we have a lane to go towards & there is ways to getting on the road - it starts with taking the first step.

Joram Nathanael
Minolta SR-T 101B | Rolleiflex F3.5 | Olympus XA-2 | Nikon F4

Please tell us about one of your adventures. What shenanigans do you get up to out there?

"One of my greatest adventures was last year, when a friend and I drove from NYC to Santa Cruz with only our bicycles, a tent, gasoline cooker, and some cameras. We didn’t have support, only the friendly local people who let us camp in their gardens or on their ground. It was very spontaneous, we bought the bicycles in NYC, and a map of New Jersey. Then state after state, we bought some local road maps at gas stations and drove on small streets across the USA. Man! That was really rad."

Tumblr: @joramnathanael