This weeks Throwback Thursday is a collection of throwback videos that I cam across last night to be exact. I just remember as a kid watching & hearing about these videos & I'm glad something randomly sparked in my mind that brought the idea to life for me to go & look them up. See for yourself, lets see if you remember any of these.

What I really wanted people to watch was the actual commercial that came out which is located here for some reason the video embed wouldn't post so click the link to see if you remember!

Fun fact my pops is in this video haha.

Other than this being one of the best songs ever I was hella stoked cause the BBC tee P had on I had myself so I thought it was dope to see me & Pharrell in the same tee.

Can't seem to find part 1 of this interview anywhere not even just Youtube but when this interview took place it was probably one of the happiest moments in my life to see both of my two all-time favorite rappers in one room together getting along & sharing a interview. Definitely one of the most profound moments in hip-hop & I am glad to have experienced it the night it world premiered with my own eyes & ears.