So it's just be released officially that there will be a Toy Story 4! Now if you're not aware I am a Disney head I just love everything that Disney has to offer especially when it comes to the classics with Toy Story being in that mix. If you were born in the 90s more you may not realize it but Toy Story was meant to grow up with us as the characters did in the movie. I never noticed until part three came out & it was about how Andy was going off to college & leaving his toys behind etc & after that I realized to myself that no wonder why Toy Story was such a dear movie to my heart. It's because it moved at the same pace my personal life did. And for anyone who loves Disney like I do or more you appreciated & cared for the movie's messages & storyline a lot more than just watch a 'children's movie'.

The 4th addition of the Toy Story series is dated to release sometime in the year of 2017. In that time or sometime in that year (May) I'll be 24 & at age 24 I'll be just as excited to watch this 4th version as I would have to seen any of the first three. I am a huge kid at heart & even sometimes in life. I can't explain why till this day whenever I turn the TV on it's still cartoons rather I'm actually sitting there watching or if it's on for sound it's still colorful  & kid related cartoons that aren't just Disney.

If you have not seen the last made Toy Story or even any of them at that or have missed one I highly suggest you go online, grab DVDs, anything of that nature & watch the all from top to bottom to regain that feeling you felt as a kid when watched these movies & build the anxiety for the 4th Toy Story! I can't wait! 

P.S. There's also a Cars 3 in the works as well ;) read HERE.