John Elliot Co. is probably my second favorite brand at the moment next to Public Label for a lot of reasons. John Elliot himself shares a similar story to my own with having a itch for fashion being informative on what was going on & what was upcoming, not attending fashion school & just learning from experience & overall wanting to create something he felt was missing in the fashion realms so he created a brand of his own. With that all being said the thing that inspires me the most is the fact that the brand is based & made out of Downtown Los Angeles. Which is first of all my home & it's the place in which inspired Bricks & Wood™ & it's the place where everything from the brand is made as well.

This video below gives a very quick but inspiring feel to what DTLA has to offer from the lifestyle & the beginning quote couldn't have been said any better.

"Downtown Los Angeles can be harsh environment to navigate, but beautiful things are made here."

Watch below