My cousin is starting to prove himself. All I ever wanted was for him to find his calling & when he did find it for him to follow through & be passionate about it. He had a bad history of doing things momentarily & not having any real love for it so when he told me it was time to do this web page all I wanted to see was results - & he has done just that. '' is the title of his creative outlet & I strongly believe the reader will find it appealing. It will be a display of black & white photos/videos along with stories & write ups presented from his perspective. And though that's a lot of sneak peek information there's definitely a lot more that will be presented so all I can say is stay tuned & up to date when the time comes.

Shoutout to my cousin Myles man! He's really blossoming into something special & I was always his biggest fan deep down because I saw the potential so it's a blessing to see things coming together full tuition.

Follow him on his Instagram for updates on the site & to see his daily life without color. coming soon!

Photo by Myles Sumlin