Today a friend of mine tweeted some things about this video that just made me reminisce about my childhood a bit & reminded me how good of a video this is in general.

Busta Rhymes was the first rapper to ever really introduce me to rap & hip hop in general. He was the first rapper who's CD I ever purchased (When Disaster Strikes...) & ever since my love for hip hop turned into an addiction. Though not much is left nowadays, to those who still do so you're greatly appreciated.

But back to topic...This video below is possibly my favorite video ever. I just remember watching as a kid & falling in love with how the angles were captured, first time I was introduced to a fish-eye lens & just overall being very creative. And then to sum it all up this song was one of my all-time favorites & still holds a high place in my favorite songs list. Hype Williams directed this video & if you ask me this could be some of his best work. I could be bias due to Hype's track record is INSANE! But for this lovely Sunday, the video/song of the day goes to Busta Rhymes "Put You Hands Where My Eyes Can See"