Today I was watching TV which is very rare due to my lack of interest of which is on television & something actually caught my attention. This commercial came on & at first I was not sure what it was advertising due to the bunch of movie scenes in the previewed in the beginning of this commercial which ultimately being a new HDTV by Samsung which is the world's first curved high definition television.

Now myself, I love the progression of technology & the new things that groups of people in this world can come to create but more than anything the advertisement scheme & the creativeness on how they did such is what amazes me most. To me a curved HDTV was bound to happen. It's a smaller version of what a theater movie screen is. But I'm glad that through the obvious the marketing team over at Samsung was able to hit you with something so unexpected & so original & also flat out creative. Nothing too extravagant but I feel it's just enough to grab the viewers attention as it did for myself.

I enjoyed watching this & I hope you enjoy it to.