Yes I said it - Virgil's Off White collection I am actually a fan of (Fall '15 to be exact). I recently stumbled across on Highsnobiety Off-White's newest collection that is set to release fall of this year. Now if you know me you know I've never supported Virgil as a creator or even as fashionista. I never thought he had real style (still don't to be honest), his clothes didn't fit to me. He tried to hard to either be Kanye or Kanye tried to hard to be him so then Kanye's style dropped. Anything you can think of from Mr. Abloh himself I didn't support & I never understood how they were pushing the "culture" but didn't understand what we really like or want to see. But it all makes sense now. . . I've come to accept Virgil after reading a GQ article/interview on him & from there I got the chance to visualize his understanding on what culture is what he goals to do with his platform. And to a extent as someone who is trying to develop a similar concept with my own company I could only commend his wording & now have a better understanding to what he's trying to do with his opportunity he has in placed. To change the subject just a bit I still do not like his Pyrex brand. There's many of reasons to why I can go on & on about how terrible that version of his creativity is but I'll keep it simple with this - Pyrex is the new version of "streetwear" & as I've written about on this blog before streetwear is something my culture basically started & took as something that was ours & something that was meant to be affordable, enjoyable, & very rare. Pyrex on the other hand has a price point that literally automatically doesn't fit the culture of streetwear. If you know anything about us (streetwear culture) you know that streetwear is something very affordable for anyone & was limited if you didn't get your piece in time. You can't claim you're doing it for "the kids" but then the kids your making it affordable to is kids who possibly grew up with money or if you aren't that kid you possibly now have to work that much harder just to obtain a garment that everyone is wearing, you're probably broke because you spent almost a $100 on a hoodie or shorts with a lame design on the front that doesn't fit well. That's not culture & that's for damn sure not the culture you grew up from so don't make the new you suffer. When you're streetwear is directed more towards high fashion I don't support it. Just be high fashioned. The word "high" in fashion is for the cost - Don't let it fool you. It's simple as 1,2,3 if you really understand us & "us" being the culture of streetwear.

To jump back on topic of expression I did find a lot of things enjoyable about this Off-white collection. I loved the silhouettes & color combos, I'm sure the styling could of been done better not much of a fan itself & if Virgil styled it (which I'm sure he did) I'm not surprised at the outcome due to my confidence & feelings towards how he dresses today but that's not too frowned upon honestly. One thing about fashion for me is that I don't need to like everything head to toe. I'm more of a individual piece type of fan - I enjoy pieces from collections more than I do so full collections & that goes for almost all runway collections. It's rare that I'll enjoy a full body of work because as a stylist & a creator myself I see other ways that I could or would collaborate pieces but that's also just a personal persona, doesn't mean the collection or items aren't done well.

Below is the full collection of the Off-White Fall '15 release. See what you enjoy about it & take your own perspectives I enjoy this which is rare so maybe you can see for yourself & find things you may come to enjoy.