Today's song of the day is actually the song of the last two days. It started with a playlist playing the original "Drive Slow" that didn't feature T.I. or the beat change & then everything changed. My cousin I was with decided to Youtube this version which is the remix due to he enjoyed the emphasis on the horns a lot more on the remix than he does on the original. Now I remembered there was a remix that featured T.I. but I couldn't come to remember a beat change too much. He plays it loudly on his sound bar & it's literally been on repeat ever sense. All I could think about was how Kanye's musical mind worked back than & think to where he's going now & even why he is where he is today. Still a fan musically but I do often miss the soulful Kanye West as I'm sure a lot of other real Kanye & hip-hop fans do as well.

This is one rare remix that I honestly believe is better than the original so by a long stretch. All verses stayed the same (which were already amazing) by each artist (Paul Wall's was my favorite). And then to add that T.I. verse & enhanced the beat to a more live instrumental sound than the original was flat out genius which was expected by Kanye at those times. If you are or were like me you probably remember this song & remember there was a remix to it but I can strongly believe you don't remember the instrumentation placed on the remix. It's gonna take you somewhere believe me. You'll have a moment - take a listen.