If there is an artist I'll always vouch for in hopes to always make a comeback or I feel doesn't get the credit he or she deserves one of them would definitely be Big Sean. Along with Sean there are also artist like KiD CuDi & Lupe Fiasco (ironic because they're beefing) who I just always feel deserve another chance no matter what they've done before whether you enjoyed it or not something about these specific artist have my attention each time a project is set to release.

This will be Big Sean's 3rd studio album which is titled "Dark Sky Paradise" is set to release 2.24.15. I honestly never felt Sean has ever released a bad project - number may claim differently & statistically but I've heard all his projects including mixtapes & if you give it the time of day genuinely I believe people could grow a liking as well. High hopes as always for Sean & his new project so lets hope this time around he gets his credit.