I am the king of giving multiple chances, especially if I like you or genuinely want to see you win. Time after time I've come to love & hate Fear of God for many of reasons that in this write up I have decided to not express my dislikes but live in the present & express my LOVE for what is happening here today. Jerry Lorenzo who is some sort of friend of mine, more so we recognize each other when faces are seen out, we'd strike a conversation for however long & we keep it moving. Jerry is actually a friend to my father is who an OG & pioneer in the streetwear fashion scene from Los Angeles to New York where he once resided. I have always had respect for Jerry as a person even if I didn't completely agree with his brand's direction at time, price points, or even certain item designs but I always remembered to never get too disrespectful especially when speaking about Jerry as a person. At this point Jerry has completely outdone himself - this is truly exciting to talk about because if you know me or know the directions I take myself & B&W, I always made sure that through it all God is somewhat either presented, talked to, or put forward in anything I do whether it's through fashion or everyday life. Fear of God has done that but has done it more impactful due to the larger scale of the brand's platform.

Since the beginning I've always noticed the growth with Fear of God. Wasn't too sure where it would end up but each time I did at least notice progression & the effect it put on the current culture. Again, plenty of things I still to this day don't like & things behind the scenes I frown upon but the past is the past & today is a new day that the Lord has made. FOG's Fourth Collection is here & is here for good & simple reasoning. God...God was put first & Jerry isn't afraid to showcase & let you know that the most high is the product of the product being - Fear of God. In the beginning of this film you get a very rare sound of Jerry himself speaking to you about what not only this collection stands for but the brand itself. He explains it's not meant to be a Christian brand, he's not pushing his religion on anyone because at the end of the day it's clothing. Fabrics & materials sewn together to make garments. But he does make sure that you understand his services & that's to put God first.

With no further ado here is something that not only warmed my heart but inspired me to keep my faith in my product & be at his service in the process. This was refreshing to watch. Great job Jerry. Finally someone who did it correctly.

Along with the photos you see above Fear of God has released not only the full campaign film but also the lookbook alongside this Fourth Collection. The rest of the campaign can be viewed on their website & all the items you see are set for pre-order to begin 11.1.2015.