Haven't posted in awhile due to being busy in not only my personal but also towards the brand. I want to start by saying thank each & everyone who has participated in support towards the brand's visions & progression. At this point you are all considered a day one fan because we are still growing & have so much unseeable groundwork that still needs to be covered but so far our responses & failures have made the journey worth while. 

In the last two days our world has lost two individuals that have put significant stamps on us that will live forever. Yesterday the world lost a man by the name of Earl Lloyd who was the first African-American basketball player to ever step foot on a NBA hardwood. Earl Lloyd isn't one of those greats who made a impact by his stat line or his amazing highlight reel plays. He simply just broke the barrier down that allowed black players to have a dream of playing in the NBA. If it wasn't for Earl Lloyd there would be no MJs, or Kobes, or Lebrons of today. Earl Lloyd is a Hall of Famer for all the correct reasons that have nothing to do with what he did on the court itself. His impact is bigger than that. His impact is what allows to NBA today to be filled with majority african americans. He is the reason that a young kid like I myself growing up in a lower income neighborhood even has dreams of entering the NBA. He gave us all that chance & I couldn't be anymore grateful for his life & risk taking to make a change on earth.

Rest in peace Earl Lloyd

This morning the news serviced that we lost a 2nd great impacter on the world by the name of Leonard Nimoy aka "Mr. Spock" also known as the man who created the Star Trek symbol. Though Star Trek the show was before my time of life as a kid I still managed to grow a fanship of the show by the episode I would catch on TV at the time. Before anything else I wanted to do in life I had told myself I wanted to be a astronaut & watching Star Trak gave me a visual to what I believed what life would be like of my time being in space when I got there. Though those dreams have vanished & I have found other was to express who I am & where I wanna be which is to the highest top spot possible which is ironic - the inspirations I draw on the daily basis come from people Dr. Spock & the impacts of the Star Trak culture itself. Before Pharrell I knew what this symbol was & meant to me. My possible likings for P may have actually gotten my attention when I saw used the same hand gesture he would use for his band N.E.R.D. & his recording label Star Trak records. Though we have lost yet another great impacter to our world through his own galaxy - he lived a long life & prospered, he will never be forgotten & will life forever.

Rest in space Spock.