Earlier today it was brought to attention that Anwar Carrots has voluntarily stepped down as CEO & creator of Peas & Carrots International. Reasonings behind this announcement was due to something along the lines of what I call "internal theft". Not to give much away or to get into the business & personality of Anwar & PNCINTL due to my growing love for the brand & it's effect of the streetwear culture as a whole, but also due to it just hits a soft spot in my heart due my friendship with him & how much of a inspiration I saw & still to this day see Anwar as. It's a learning experience but it's also a overall bummer to hear about these types of situations. You put your trust into people because you feel that they can or will help your creative side of the company explore new realms of customers & cultures all over & in this case internationally. But to all creativity there is a business & there is some sort of law to follow within those lines in which in this case there was a lack of. And if you you bring a business man along who strictly specializes in that he will & can be the one to catch & find the loop holes in where he can benefit himself & not even care about anything creative. It's mainly about the dollar amount at that point. It's all about whom you put your trust into.

 (Left) Casey Veggies (Center) Anwar Carrots (Right) Josh Peas

(Left) Casey Veggies (Center) Anwar Carrots (Right) Josh Peas

From Anwar's track record & things he has brought to the culture from just being a heavy streetwear kid from the block I don't see this as a step back on himself creatively. Though i'm sure to himself it feels as if he's lost a newborn & new growing child the expectation is still high from Anwar & he knows that. He has stated there's things in the works so make sure you pay attention to himself but not only him but his co-founder & partner of PNCINTL Joshton Peas aka owner of "Ain't Shit Funny". I'm sure there will still be things in motion on that end & I am excited to see. A Bricks & Wood x PNCINTL collab is all a dream now at this point...

This is a notice from me to the public or to anyone interested. I, Anwar Carrots/Washington am longer associated with anything pertaining to or related to Peas & Carrots International. Unfortunately one of my partners, and/or his team, took it upon themselves to register the Peas & Carrots International business in his name and his name only. Intentionally excluding myself and our other partner. Now I own no rights to my own company that I started in 2007. I regret not thinking more with a business mind, I was acting with an intention of helping everyone on the team, not just myself. I was creating out of pure love and joy, but in this case, it just wasn’t good enough. In this situation, I find it in my best interest to voluntarily walk away from anything Peas & Carrots International related. I wish the best of luck to my fellow associates in whatever paths they choose. I’ve learned a lot about business in the process and I hope that anyone following me can also learn from some of the mistakes I’ve made along the way. I also hope that anyone who has found interest in my part of developing the brand Peas & Carrots International will continue to follow my journey. I have a few exciting new projects that will begin in the next few months of 2015. I appreciate your time and support.

Sometimes when you innovate, you make mistakes. It is best to admit them quickly, and get on with improving your other innovations. -Steve Jobs
— Anwar Carrots

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