The inspiration behind the name Bricks & Wood was actually birthed behind myself one day being inspired by having a loft/apartment of my own that had brick walls & wooden floors. I wanted my place to be more of an creative space rather than a place i rest at night. I wanted a office, studio, & living space all in one. Having brick walls & wooden floors I feel gave me more of a grungy feel. A feeling that felt natural & open to any & all whom may enter.

The quote "We build inspiration from things outside of fashion." was inspired by just that. I don't look at other brands to draw inspiration from. I look at my everyday life. Other people's everyday life & ultimately things the world presents organically on it's on. 

Below is a collection of photos presented by HomeDSGN. In this collection presents a loft that gives you the same feel I got when I gathered the inspiration behind the brand's name. This is a pure example of the natural feel I not only draw information from, but the same type of feeling I want the brand to portrait.