Film photo by Kacey Lynch

Film photo by Kacey Lynch

Happy birthday Umi,

I remember on my Birthday on your Instagram you said something along the lines of "I'd leave this world bullet wounds & bandages for you fam." And ever since I read those words it stuck to me.

You are the reason behind my inspirations & Godly driven ways. You are the person who installed a Godspeed mindset through no matter what I may go through in life. You helped open my mind to people & ideas that I never felt I would ever be able to reach or obtain. And you did all these things just because you are who you're supposed to be & that's yourself. The world is a better place with you in it. The energy you bring is contagious to all & anyone who comes around you. And even with you not around you just making a presence installs the vibes that you endure.

Even through this post or any other celebration of your life words wouldn't be able to explain my gratitude for you in my life. God really shined his light on you bro & all the people who are close to you because you are a gift from him to us. You're still here, still inspiring, still existing & with that being said I know there's still more to learn & more hope for the humanity around you. As you say (G) Godspeed proceed & since then that's all it's been. Happy birthday bro I love you like love itself. Hope you enjoy this post & ultimately hope you enjoy your 26th year of a blessing.

Love you bro! -Kacey