Lately I've done some things & put myself places where I always wanted to be & it's humbling to look at my own work or my current position in life & be able to genuinely be happy & be proud of myself. There's a thin line between bragging & inspiring if you ask me & I feel it's all in the tone of what you say & how you say it. I've never been one to brag, I've always humbled myself no matter the things of success that have arrived in my life. One of my most proudest accomplishments was one of recent.

Photogenics Modeling Agency releases annually an art book of each of their models along with other artistic collaborations etc & I can gratefully say that I played a part in that form of creating "art". My good friend by the name of Torian Ellison is a model for the agency & approached me with the idea of me being the photographer for his section of the book. Though I knew from the jump this could be a big opportunity for myself It didn't truly hit me until the physical copy of the book was in hand. The catch was that it wasn't for sure that our photos would make it in the magazine. They gave us a deadline for us to turn in the photos & basically a good luck email.

Photoshoot done on time, photo turned in on time & no confirmation on if the photos were submitted in the book until you see for yourself at the event. So with that being said going to the event was a nerve-racking experience because i'm at the event to celebrate the book release without knowing if my vision of "art" was actually chosen for the book. But with the man upstairs on my side, they definitely made it. 5 pages to be exact.

Below displays the photos that were chosen for the art book in order of viewing the book for yourself if you had it in hand.

(All these photos were taking with film by)

Of course like any other photoshoot that takes place there are always outtakes of photos or footage that didn't make it to the public but in this case I'm just thankful to see my own photos in a physical book form. This book in particular isn't for sale or anything you may see on the shelves of your local book stands but it's enough for myself to be proud of & is motivational enough for someone to get inspired by. This book gave me a boost in my own ideas & creative confidence. Being this is considered a book of art & not just a book of only photography or only modeling this was certification for myself that my vision is a work of art. For the fact that I styled & orchestrated this full shoot I know where my mind is headed & the direction I'm going. Everyone needs some assurance at some point. We can always think we have the better ideas or creativity but that can only be verified by other people's opinions. Though we try to have the "We don't care what people think" mindset. Ultimately we do, at least it helps. 

Special thank you my brother & model of Photogenics Torian himself & of course the whole Photogenics team who put together such great piece of art for me to be apart of.

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