"Carrots" By Anwar Carrots

If you are at all a reader of my blog post you may have came across a post of mine a few months back...This post consisted of my love & heartbreak to the arising streetwear brand Peas And Carrots International being discontinued. Well I now have great news!

As of March 28th, 2015 creator Anwar Carrots released his own brand by the name of "Carrots". Yep, just carrots. Cliche much but so effective & accurate at the same time. In my post I had also stated that I had the upmost confidence in a return from Anwar in anything he does creatively. I knew he had the mindset & ambition to make it happen all over again & this time with a full understanding of business & control of your own brand. Carrots consist of a similar esthetic of PNCINTL but very much more mature & geared towards more than a typical streetwear clothing company. The simplicity comes as no surprise due to that being a big hit for Anwar before with Peas & Carrots in the past but this time it's a quality service & presentation. Carrots already has become a favorite of mine especially for upcoming brands & I am nothing but excited to see where he plans on taking it in the future. From the few conversations I've had with him the plan is so much bigger than a t-shirt company he really plans to make quality clothing & reach a bigger market than PNC did though it was international. Carrots is something special & if you were a fan of PNC then that energy is only used correctly if shifted & directed towards Carrots by Anwar Carrots.