Jay Rock is prepared to take the gangster rap scene by storm! Out of the whole TDE camp Jay Rock has been a favorite of mine for awhile now. I don't believe he's the best rapper (Ab-soul) or the best story teller (K-Dot). But I feel his raps & stories are the closest to relatable for me. Rock is also the first artist out of TDE I had ever heard of previously to any other artist. He was buzzing in the streets from Watts California to South Central Los Angeles & people knew he was the truth. His gangster mentality & vibe has kept him from obtaining mainstream success but from the sounds of the new music being put out by Rock I don't think he's trying to jump into any other lane but his own.

This is Yay Rock's newest single "Money Trees Deuce" which seems to be a continuous sequel to the original "Money Trees" song in which Jay Rock is featured on & arguably had the best verse. Though the title is the same I wouldn't compare the two tracks at all. I think you'll grow a liking for them both in separate form. Take a look & listen for yourself & no release date yet but be on the lookout for a Rock album to be the next drop out of the Top Dawg camp.