I will forever have love for T being Tacoma, Washington. The love I have received & continue to receive from the homies up North is unmatched. They support their TOWN like no other & it's absolutely amazing to see them come together & be success. A huge part of that collaborative effort comes from the flagship & rare brand being ETC. (which I'm sure you've seen be brought up countless of times via Bricks & Wood social media.) They recently gathered a collection of music from a collective of different Tacoma artist & created a mixtape titled "Soundwaves Vol. 1"

Huge fan of the different selection of music sounds from artist you & I may have never heard of but ETC is shining the light for those exact reasons. And as ETC states "The content has to be as rare as the clothes." & it is absolutely nothing short of that - experience something new below.

Artist featured are the project are:

King Leez / Lil Ripp / Shawn Parker / SheedBe / Scooby Miles / Fice / Bruce Leroy / Cally Reed / LROC /  VE$PA / Khris P / GLENN / Agnus Abel of West Village / Jaymes Bond / Leon Swanks / & Paceos