Kendrick Lamar has been the newest face off the Reebok classic family & he has done nothing but brought positivity to the company. Every form of promotion between K. Dot & Reebok has been strictly uplifting & influential towards their consumer which is very rare to find with very corporate companies due to them not wanting to lose sales, etc. I feel in Reebok's case they needed to be willing to try anything & having Kendrick on their side has only brought them an increase.

His most recent & believed to be most influential collaborative effort was with the first shoe K. dot had the chance to present. The shoe is a representation of the Los Angeles gang rivals coming together & uniting as one. And if there is anything that needs light shined on & is in need of some sort of hope it's definitely the Los Angeles gang community & communities all over the nation.

This video below is a presentation of that message Reebok & Kendrick were trying to relay actually working. It's a beautiful thing to watch & I think will help be a mind opener to being more as one.