"They're just shoes."

So myself & a few friends of mine where we understand the essence of clothing where clothes are supposed to be worn - pretty simple right? Well in today's fashion world not so much. So many people are so stuck on the idea of branding & having a certain label on them that it alters there style of dress or even daily lives due to the garment they may be wearing. Well the way we see it is you just wear the clothes. That's it - clothes to us is just clothes no matter the price, no matter the brand. Long as it looks & fits well it will be worn.

The same treatment we would give to a pair of old school converse is the same way we would wear Supreme Blazers (this is a fact). We put character into our clothing. No need to spend tons of money for an item to put it in a glass case & not wear it. That actually makes no sense if you ask us. Wear the clothes, be the clothes. If you are that guy who does that more than likely you aren't one with or of style, you're trendy. Fashion is fashion to us it all needs to be warn & used at some point no matter what & this project these guys decided to take on for the Yeezy Boost 350 showcased the exact same mindset we have our clothes.

The best part about this video is that they made their message simple & clear "They're just shoes." And that's exactly what they are. Great work!

Photography by: @lastsuspect