Recently I took a trip to Samy's Camera where I initially had intentions to drop off a roll of film that was recently shot but realized at the counter to purchase that I had a few old rolls that I forgot to pick up. These rolls both were filled with photos from my family trip to Mexico last year all shot with Lomography Purple 400 film. One of the things I love dearly about film is stories like that, the fact that I totally forgot what I shot but the longevity of film negatives help remind me of places I've been & things I've seen in my life.

The Lomo Purple film is Lomography's version of the discontinued color infrared film that was used pretty heavily in the 90s when film photography was all there was. Not as flashy & or appealing but definitely gives you a slight taste & ultimately just something different than your traditional color or black & white photos. I feel this film was perfect for my Mexico experience. Though of course these were not the official colors I saw with my naked eye this color film collaborated with the moments I captured sealed the deal with how I felt when walking through the streets of Ensenada, MexicoI definitely have plans to give this blog more insight to my travels & daily lifestyle that is Bricks & Wood. Be on standby for more post narrated by my personal life experiences.

Here's some photos of my trip