Over the years I have been a core follower of a blog & website by the name of  "The Selby". The Selby has been a go-to source for the past 2 years for when I first open up my computer & for good reasoning. Todd Selby who is the creator, author & photographer of The Selby does the best job of what people like to call in the blog world "original content". 


His point of views draw attention, his photographs tell stories of their own & his directions are always forward. What the Selby is today compared to it's original presentation is a different experience than what you may have witnessed if you were a reader a few years ago - I say few because The Selby turned out to be a instant overnight success. Today Selby's proposition is the visual side of different designers, friends of Todd, chefs, brand owners, photographers, illustrators, etc of their work & living spaces. No matter the level of their craft, whether they are your favorite or never heard of, Todd gives each creator a personal stage to present their personal space of if Todd were to say it "place". All this tells us as readers is that his resourcing is impeccable! His website is so influential with over 100,000 views daily - which have also caught the attention of top companies from all over the world to  have reached out to Todd for collaboration proposals.

"The Selby is in your place" so it's only right to take a visit.