Ronnie Fieg's "Cap'n Kith"


Ronnie Fieg for some odd reason has grabbed a lot more than just my attention as of lately. He has turned into someone I've really found myself studying & admiring as a creator. Outside of being aware of Ronnie since maybe '13 or before - if I recall correctly he really grabbed my attention with his latest NYFW Kith Runway show he showcased this year. After seeing the Highsnobiety BTS of the lead up to such a great & successful runway debut, I found a true respect for Ronnie within a short less than 5min film of him directing, styling, & overall orchestrating the show before the show took place. Fieg has captivated my idea of where I see myself down the line in terms of respect & understanding of what I'd like to bring when express Bricks & Wood.

Now what took me over the edge in terms of aspiration wasn't actually the show & how it all came together though that was beautiful to watch - it was actually his most recent collaborative effort with Cap'n Crunch Cereal. Now for me this is HUGE, not because Cap'n Crunch was my favorite cereal or anything (Cinnamon Toast Crunch) but because I myself always thought outside the box myself when it came to collabs that weren't strictly directed at other clothing brands. I see myself collaborating with Disney, Trader Joes, furniture companies, food companies, & even still other fashion brands but this is what makes these types of collabs special.

When you think of streetwear in particular you think of (at least you should think of) affordable companies that pretty much say fuck the rules. My understanding of streetwear was to make something for the streets which is also the birthplace of culture which is what the popular, rich, corporate companies steal from without handing credit to. Now though a lot of us including myself may not catch it at times but a lot of designs on the tees we love & wear are actually rips from those sort of companies to pretty much say "fuck you" & treat it as some sort of get back for stealing what is ours which is "the culture". Now I can go all day about this but I'm not here for that, I'm here to explain the importance of Ronnie Fieg's Kith x Cap'n Crunch collaborative effort that makes this such a inspiring thing that we all should pay attention to as creators.

Now this is not the first time we've seen this either. To my knowledge The Hundreds may be the pioneers of collaborating with a company that play no ties in the streetwear culture like Garfield, Taco Bell, Mcdonalds, Disney & others but since that aspiration has branched over Ronnie, I can really see this potentially bridging the gap down the line & potentially stop the war between street culture & corporate world.

This Kith x Cap'n Crunch collab is simple - not simple in saying it's easy to get this type of thing done & you should go try to send a email to Cap'n Crunch Cereal yourself in hopes of collab but the manifestation is simple...Ronnie loves Capn'n Crunch Cereal. Now that could go over the head but I think it's very important to see the true meaning behind this (at least to me). People nowadays want brands & want to make music off the strength of being "cool" rather than their true born love for whatever it is they aspire to be. Ronnie made this happen because he had a true love, care, appreciation, & interest in Cap'n Crunch in which he used his Kith platform to draw not only the attention to Kith fans but to the folks who pulled the trigger on giving Ronnie & the Kith brand a shot.

It's always amazing to see these type of manifestation come to fruition because it allows us to think outside of tradition & lets me know that my collaboration I'm looking to do with Trader Joes really has it's chance of being something that people get so excited for that the collection sells out just as the Kith NYC x Cap'n Crunch did.

Here are a few personal favorite pieces from Kith's sold out collection w/ Cap'n Crunch. View full collection HERE.