Below is a post I had in the drafts, not sure why I never put it out. Anyway, here's a Throwback Thursday...

As always I continue to look for ways to bring new content to the blog & I always wanted it to be original. Original content is always the best way to post & give your information presentation the best possible way of being different & giving the reader something that doesn't come off repetitive.

This time around I have came up with something titled By Kacey Lynch & this is everything artistically creative presented by myself. Whether it is photography, videography (at some point), collabs, designs, literally anything  that is curated by me will fall under this category.

Today I present as the first installment some photos I shot of my baby girl Gabby titled "In My Clothes". Though the title speaks for itself it also stood for the times these days in the fashion world where the whole menswear vs womenswear is slowly deflating. Women look just as good or even better in menswear. Men in womenswear I won't speak on but I must admit there are a lot of items out there that are unisex & work perfectly.

So below is the content I came up with & also a special thank you to Greg Bell for the space.