Last weekend with the help from the Reebok Classics family I had the pleasure to take a trip over to the UK for the first time ever & witness something more than special. Reebok Classics presented the relaunch  of the iconic Classic Leather shoe by bringing the fans through the history of the CL shoe as well as a special guest of none other than Reebok's very own current spokesman Mr. Kendrick Lamar himself.

This particular piece of footage was the build up youth event that took place previously before the actual Classic Leather event. This event that took place was a good ol hip hop jam session of local rappers, singers & artist who actually attend this venue occasionally & showcase their talents. The space is meant to be a platform for the youth to express "art" no matter the division. Being that I was able to be apart of this mixer I got the chance to not only cover the event but spectate it from a fan's perspective. This video put you directly into that position I was in. With more to come a quick thank you to the Reebok Classic team for allowing me to be apart & also put my stamp on to something so historical.