Man, today is the day I never thought I'd see coming. The Black Mamba, Kobe Bean, Vino, Kobe Bryant will play in his final NBA game. Words can't express my excitement, my sadness, my joy, my sorrow for what is about to happen tonight. Kobe Bryant is a culture of his own. He is Los Angeles for me, he is the NBA. He taught me how to have passion for a team you love, he also taught me how to hate an opponent & these traits apply to any sport. Kobe is not from LA but he defines Los Angeles' sports community like no one else could. My Michael Jordan & it was a pleasure to watch & be apart of. From the countless game winners, fade away shots, crossovers, championships, injuries, free throws, trash talk, that "look", 4th quarters, any moment that the ball was in Kobe's hands I appreciated. In my lifetime I'm sure I'll forever say Kobe is the greatest player I'd ever seen play & what's special about it is that there will never be another. Yes, someone will score more points one day, win more championships, jump higher, etc, but there still will never be another Black Mamba.

Tonight will be the most bittersweet moment I could ever feast my eyes on. But I pray to God that Kobe puts on one last show for the fans at home as well as the lucky ones in attendance. But to condlude this final chapter of a era, as simple as this may sound - Thank you Kobe, you were a mentor to a generation of kids that you may not have imagined. You were a coach, a big brother & a father figure to a culture & for that you are the greatest. Happy Mamba Day.