Public School have recently announced that they are turning away from tradition & will not be following the "fashion calendar & will only have two showings per year. The fashion world has conditioned consumers, designers & brand owners to feel that fashion is meant to be released seasonally. Now in technical form that makes the most sense, winter needs to be heavier garments like jackets, hoodies, beanies, etc - summer is meant to be cotton, t-shirts, shorts, thinner fabrics. All in all it all makes sense. But to me that overly sales the consumer. That puts less value in the brand & though it may be considered "high fashion it puts a lot less quality in the product due to the turnaround for the upcoming product. It's nice to see not only Public School but brands like Burberry & Gucci to not go of float with the fashion calendar because I feel it's getting back to the product produced rather than statistics of items sold. This is the same approach for Bricks & Wood - no calendar, no due dates, no schedules, just quality goods when the time is right.

It'll be interesting if this pattern gets trendy with a lot of other brands because we'll see a lot more paitence with product & get back to that rarity of clothing. You miss it, you missed it.

Here's what Public School designers Maxwell Osborne & Dao-Yi had to say about their most recent risk take:

“If you have menswear and womenswear, you’re doing four shows a year, essentially. In all, we were doing 10 collections every year, which is more than a lot. It’s insane.”
“Two years ago, we might not have done that,” said Osbourne. “We would have been like, ‘No, we’re sticking to the schedule.’ [We would] make sure we make everybody happy; make sure all the editors are there; make sure we don’t step on anybody’s toes. But now it’s like — excuse my language — fuck it.”
“We’re more comfortable this way. We want to show this way,” 
“You’re going to be entering into a workforce where all these pillars that we’ve been standing on for so long are starting to collapse. It’s the best time, because it’s an opportunity to do something new, and [to do] things that just make sense for who you are. Doing things that make sense for our business, who we are as people, who we are as designers. That’s the new rule.”