My DLGN sister Kayla Reefer has recently launched her official photography/videography website that displays all of her most prized possessed photos & videos that she shoots & edits on her own. One of the things that makes her special is that she is a one 'woman' band. Kaylah is true to creating art & the work she does create reflects her as a person exactly the same.

Below is a video shot/edited by Kayla presented by BRITTSENSE of their journey to Nickerson Gardens in Watts, California. Now if you listen to the news at all you'll know that Watts as of today is not the most friendly or comfortable of places to just go visit & have a good time. Well in this episode of Kayla's 'stories' - it clearly shows that is defined to actually be false. These are the types of interactions that happen on a daily basis throughout the crime & danger that is subject to happen within these types of neighborhoods but the world is conditioned to just see 'us' one way. This is a beautiful, organic way to showcase the culture of lower income communities today. We may not have the level of unity we once had before but there is still some genuine hardworking people who love each other that only we as people can showcase to the world when no one else will.

This is a glimpse into a day in the life of Brittani Sensabaugh aka Brittsense. A documentarian who travels the nation and visits our country’s forgotten cities. Brittsense takes it upon herself to go into misjudged, underrepresented neighborhoods to capture the honest and truthful story of people that the media and the world typically ignore.

The initial plan of our meet up was for me to simply tag along and shoot portraits of Brittani but as the day progressed I realized photography wasn’t enough to capture her incredibly vivacious spirit. In between photos, I started filming Brittani and capturing all of the raw truth she had to express. I was also fortunate enough to experience firsthand how she interacted with one of Nickerson Garden’s residents as she documented his story. Although this video was made on the fly, I think Brittani and I were able to make something beautiful out of it.
— Kayla Reefer

Below are the editorial photos that collaborate with the video above.  Kaylah does an great job at really captivating the energy of Watt's very own Nickerson Gardens Community that doesn't display negativity.

Be sure to follow the creative & enlightening journey to what is bound to come on her website

IG: @Kaylareefer