Early morning Saturday April 24th my beloved family over at ETC Tacoma were put in a very unfortunate state when their shop's front glass window was broken into & all "floor" merchandise was stolen off the racks by 2 suspected white males. It was very sad news to hear & to see the Instagram post of their shop's front window barricaded with a piece of wood but without losing hope in the brand they used this opportunity as an advantage. Not the best way to make lemonade out of lemons but definitely something that is inspiring & uplifting for not only the brand but the Tacoma, Washington community they represent.

We'll Be Back Soon
Early last Sunday, April 24th, eTcTacoma--our boutique and home base--had its window smashed in and merchandise stolen from both the racks and display case by two burglars. Due to these unfortunate circumstances we’ll be closed for a brief period and reopen this Saturday, April 30th. During this time, our "Never Sharper" fundraising t-shirt will be available as well as the opportunity to donate to the rebuilding efforts of eTc.
The support is flooding in from ‎every direction. There are several inquires about how donations can be sent our way to help us get back to doing what we do best. If you’d like to donate, please head to our website Everything helps!
The support and compassion has been overwhelming.  You’ve made us realize even more that what we do is important. Not only for Tacoma, but for the culture and we need to continue to be grassroots and trailblazing in our efforts.
Please keep us in your prayers and your eyes open to people secondhand selling our product. 
Thank you,
eTc Team

ETC is currently hosting a fundraiser for their store reopening this Saturday where if there is any small ounce of generosity lingering you soul any amount as an donation (min .50) would be greatly appreciated. Click HERE to donate.

In addition to their fundraiser they will be releasing a fundraiser tee that will be very limited with only 75 tees printed the "Sharper Than Ever" tee presents the classic 'eTc' logo in a splattered glass graphic that symbolizes the broken window which was broken into. This tee is set to release this Saturday April 30th in-store & online along with the option to preorder which you can place for at this exact moment. The tee will only be available while supplies last with high hopes & confidence that they will never have to do something of this sort ever again.

Pre order HERE

So to all my Tacoma fam, it's time to stand up for the brand, company, & piece of culture that has stood of for you guys. The brand that has given Tacoma's youth/street/music/art culture something to be thrilled with & has literally put Tacoma on the map to people whom may never heard of The T it's time to show love & help eTc get back to doing what they do best & that's put on for their city!