Brynn Webb for Bricks & Wood

The objective was very simple. Brynn Webb for Bricks & Wood - B.W. for B&W. Brynn is a early supporter & friend of mine after catching attention of the new "Baby Aiden" dad cap while having dinner with a few mutual friends of ours. Easily enough she caught the attention of the hat by the noticeable burnt orange color-way but more importantly the logo that matched the initials of her name Brynn Webb. She immediately purchased herself a cap & whether it was for her moral support or because it could be a new name tag placed on her head - the perfect idea to shoot her in the hat was born & today was finally executed for share for you all this simple, subtle, & organic style of Brynn in her cap.

All photos shot by yours truly.


A lovely thank you to Brynn & her kind hospitality. Be on the look out for more of B.W. in the near future.