Interview: Kristina Ewing

Today's Golden Girl of The Day is a Instagram follower now turned friend by the name of Kristina Ewing. Kristina is sports Australian swimwear brand Myra Swim by Bianca Elouise. Kristina & Bianca have been cyber friends for some time now from each other's admiration for one another via Instagram. Kristina receives promo packs from Myra Swim & in return she just needs visuals of her rocking the gear in real life & for product exposure - which if you follower her Instagram you will see she does very well.

I say this all the time but this definitely only step one of Kristina & I's collaboration to come. In the meantime I have supplied some visuals for you to drool over as well as some answered questions form Kristina herself that gives outsiders a small intel to who she is when not in front of a camera.


What was your first ever modeling gig? How was it?

KE: My first gig was with a friend of mine I had known a long time. He had been into photography and had been asking me to shoot with him but I was always too nervous. One day, I just said F it and took him up on his offer. I had so much fun I've been shooting with whoever I could ever since. 

What inspires you?

KE: I'm inspired mostly by my mom. She's one of those people you always want to be around. She's warm and loving, she's dedicated to her work and family, and she has never mislead me with her pieces of advice. I'm also really inspired by anyone with a strong work ethic. I think so many people have become lazy and unwilling to try and further themselves individually that whenever I see someone strongly pursuing to better themselves I am instantly inspired to do the same. 

I know you’re big on traveling what’s your favorite place you’ve visited & one place you’d love to visit?

KE: My absolute favorite place I've been is Florence, Italy. The Italian culture, the romantic people, the food, everything is so beautiful and easy there. I'd love to move there. As for where I'd like to go, I've always wanted to go to Africa. To South Africa, like Cape Town. And also, Northern Africa, to see Egypt.

What’s a day-to-day for you like?

KE: Usually, it's work or school. Since I'm on summer break right now I'm enjoying some much needed quality time with my friends and boyfriend that I don't usually get during the school year. I'm a full time student and have a full time job. 

Favorite piece of clothing you own & where’d you get it?

KE: Hmmm, probably some vintage Levi high waisted black shorts I have. I got them from Sorella Boutique on Melrose.


Kristina’s motto is?

KE: Take life as it comes.

What’s your greatest life accomplishment thus far?

KE: This is probably going to sound weird, but I was on my colleges speech and debate team for two years and I got to travel to the state and national tournaments and I actually won both the state and national competitions. Having your voice and the words you've written recognized as #1 nationally is a pretty amazing feeling. 

Favorite movie(s)?

KE: Crazy, Stupid, Love. And all animated Disney movies.

A skill you possess that people wouldn’t recognize without knowing who you are?

KE: I'm an excellent public speaker and writer. 

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

KE: Graduated from college with a Bachelors in Communications, living with my amazing boyfriend, and working in my moms company taking over her book of clients.

What emoji best describes you?

KE: I'm tempted to put the peach... But I have to go with 👸.

What album do you have on repeat?

KE: Right now, Views by Drake.

You’re a heavy cooker (everything you make looks bomb btw) but what’s one thing that if you can only make one thing & eat it forever what would it be?

KE: Well, thank you. I love cooking. But, I love eating even more. If I could only cool one thing... It would have to be an amazing cheeseburger and fries. That's my weakness. And I make a mean burger. 


KE: Gotta shoutout my man Ramsey (@ramseylewis

I have to conclude this with a shoutout myself - thank you Kristina & Ramsey for you guys' time & good energy! Can't wait to cook up again!