Fear of Ungodly


Before I get started I just want to say that this is not me dissing Fear of God or Jerry Lorenzo in any fashion. I've met Jerry numerous of times & he is an awesome, God fearing man, as well as good friends with my pops so I would never intently disrespect him as a man in any fashion (no pun intended). This is purely me expressing my thoughts as a creator of fashion as well as a fan of the industry - & as a true player in both categories I have the right to feel how I feel about the topic I will be discussing so to anyone affiliated with Fear of God or Jerry Lorenzo himself if you guys one day see this please read with an open mind & heart to what I have to say, thanks.

Without further ado let me begin - This morning I cam across on Jerry's Instagram page that he not only released the Fear of God shoe (which I love) but the shoe sold out via Kith within a matter of minutes. Now, as someone who also "sells clothes" I can not be mad at one bit at a man not only selling his creations but selling out of his creations. I've been there numerous of times on a much smaller scale but I can only imagine that feeling when it happens when it's on a FOG scale. But my main concern with what has happened here is the in fact the retail price of this new Fear of God Military Sneaker from Fear of God.

On Kith NYC (one of the prominent online sneaker retail & boutiques in the game) the shoes retails for $1,095.00. Yes you read that correctly...now, as a creator again I respect this man & his brand & his vision more than 100%. Jerry has stuck with his message of the Lord behind his brand since day one & it has only changed & expressed his love for God even more as the brand has grown & as a man of God I can only respect & understand that message. But when it comes to the cost of his not only his clothing but now his FOG sneakers I can only think "side face emoji". What the hell is this Jerry? You're telling me that your shoe is more valuable than the shoe of the man who opened your door (Kanye)? (Who's prices are also ridiculous but lets save that for another conversation or actually just better unsaid) I honestly find it a bit blasphemies to be honest. Now again my opinion clearly doesn't mean anything & isn't worth much for one, the shoe is currently unavailable, sold out, gonzo. You had a mission & you completed that mission bravo but I still don't agree.

Remember, I do this too. I've been in the same production offices you, Don C, Virgil (the real understander of fashion out of the DONDA click), & even Kanye himself goes to. I've talked to Joel & all the others & they are baffled by your price points as well because they make the shit so cheap. Mind you they're giving this information up on their own. I've never asked them any thing nor cared about the process of how you guys work because you guys aren't targets of mine. Nobody is to say the least but I'm not trying to touch those markets you guys are touching or trying to touch. I'm loyal to where it all started which is also where it started for all of you guys so I would never knock my culture over the head with ridiculous ass price points. Now there is some frustration behind this post & yes due to that particular situation I just stated which is that YOU GUYS ARE FROM THIS STREETWEAR CULTURE TOO! I thought Ye's terrible fashion clothes was over priced, the shoe was a bit over priced (maybe) but I totally understood what was going on & in the end the shoe wasn't a downpayment on a car. Maybe in response to something like this you'd say "It was made in Italy, nylon upper, leather this, leather that, RiRi zippers..." dude, W+H makes all their kicks Italy. Full Italian leather shoes handmade in Italy that RETAIL around $435 USD & sorry sir but I've tried on your clothing & read the details of your shoes & you're not doing anything special when it comes to shoe quality or silhouette. You just jumped your prices over Visvim & as a fan of Visvim yourself you should feel like you're being disrespect to the legends.

You're shoe isn't worth that much & sadly in the back of your mind I believe you know that damn well. You control your own price points - what you are retailing them for is not double of what you pay wholesale & if it is then please disregard everything I said above & now my new opinion is that you need a new manufacture! And since I strongly believe that isn't the case my problem lays here with discomfort. I am a big fan of the shoe, I actually saw myself purchasing a pair until this morning. Not that the shoe is unaffordable for me but I know kicks & I know your shoe isn't timeless like a Visvim, W+H, or even a damn Danner boot.

All in all my main frustration is the fact that I potentially saw myself purchasing a pair & now that potential is out of question. It was absolutely mind-blowing. And through it all - I still got love for Jerry & Fear of God. Not my style of fashion, nowhere near my spending point but I respect the game. The Fear of God Fourth Collection video (which got me excited for the sneaker) is still one of the greatest things I have ever watched & I stand behind that until something greater comes around. I just had to get some things off my chest. 

Peep game for yourself, what do you think? Are you spending a rack on these? Maybe I don't see what any or everyone else does.