Vince Staples Visits Tanner Goods LA

Today I had the pleasure of making not just one but two belts for hip hop artist Vince Staples.

Story unfolded when about a week ago I posted a photo on my Instagram (below) that presented the aging process of a our natural belts over at Tanner Goods. The belt I showed below was once our natural color way which is untreated leather in it's "natural" form. This caught the attention of a  mutual friend of both Vince & I by the name of Corey, better known as Young Corey also known as YC who tagged Vince in the post which ultimately turned into him stepping foot into the LA flagship.

  Photo via Instagram:  @kaceylynch

Photo via Instagram: @kaceylynch

Overall very cool experience to meet artist whom you listen to religiously & then turn out to be just as humble as humble can be. Vince appreciated the shop a lot, we exchanged some quick political talk in regards to "corporate" brands, the story behind his dedication to get his Supreme belt from Union LA & then concluded with a confirmation that he'll be back in soon to grab some other items that caught his attention during his time exploring the shop.

  Photo by: Kacey Lynch

Photo by: Kacey Lynch

If interested in getting a Tanner belt or any other of our leather goods for yourself that you can witness age & have your own story - please visit any of our three Tanner Goods flagship locations (Portland, Los Angeles, San Francisco) or our online store at

Special thanks to my bro Corey & of course Vince for the support!