ETC Tacoma x The Hundreds RSWD

Mr. Man (Senor Homme) is coming back home to RSWD! My brother, co owner & creative director of ETC Tacoma is returning home to where it all started which is The Hundreds Los Angeles location. Umi worked at that specific location for almost a decade, 7 years to be exact, which is also the place I met Umi at & this coming Saturday is the day we not only celebrate his return but him & his new team's efforts in their upcoming block party & apparel collaboration with The Hundreds.

This is not ETC x TH's first rodeo by the way. They have done smaller, subtle ones in the past that each time product sold out instantly. This time around is a little more special - not only is there gonna be a collab that includes a collection of apparel but also The Hundreds Los Angeles will be sharing their right side of their flagship store as a one day pop-up shop for ETC Tacoma.

Not only is this huge for ETC, TH, & Tacoma, but of course huge for the man of the hour Umi himself. Super excited to celebrate with my ETC & LA family all under the same energy this upcoming weekend. It's going to be a great time & would love to have you in attendance as well.

Here's your invite.

Make sure to follow @ETCTacoma on all social media platforms to stay updated on any & everything you need to know about Saturday. They have also been posting a lot of sneak peeks of new exclusive pop-up shop only product that they will be releasing. Make sure you're on the wave & don't miss out on the one time chance to add some rarewear to your closet