4th of July | Mount Rainier National Park

Typically a 4th of July weekend for myself in LA as of lately hasn't consisted of much. Maybe a few fireworks viewed from my bedroom window, a family or friend's BBQ at some point but honestly nothing too exciting or even that memorable for me to truly appreciate & understand the importance of July 4th aka Independence Day. This year I decided to take a road trip to Seattle to spend this years celebration with her side of the family at her home she grew up in which is actually on a Lake in the city of Lake Tapps, WA.

Lake Tapps is a very small city/community that resides on a lake about 20min south of downtown Seattle & 20min north of downtown Tacoma - so you can visualize it being pretty much dead center of the two which works perfectly in many ways. Anyway, every 4th of July Lake Tapps gets it's time to shine (really the whole state of Washington) to showcase who can have the better, louder, & brighter fireworks to light up the sky. It's a pretty remarkable viewing to say the least. Being a city boy from LA I have never seen a 4th of July sky so lit (literally) & this time around I actually knew that these loud booms I heard were actually fireworks & not mistaken or confused with gunfire shots in the air like I'm accustomed to. I was able to view a firework show put on by the city of Lake Tapps, as well as the residents all form the comfort of my girlfriend's family boat in the middle of the lake itself.

Two days later & also my final day in Washington myself, my girlfriend as well as a childhood friend of hers all went on a mini hike thru Mount Rainier National Park.

This hike was something refreshing that was much needed with all the madness & chaos that was going on & still going on with these police shootings towards innocent black people. Though I'm not trying to hide behind what is at stake I did need to find some sort of peace of mind & this was perfect timing to do so.

I would rather let the photos be the expression of what that peace of mind looked & felt like so I'll just be posting the chain of photos that I took & let you come up with your own sight of what that peace could feel like for you if you were looking thru my very own eyes.