Product: Bricks & Wood Release by ETC Tacoma

During my recent time up north I took some of my earlier time there to release some product with brand ETC Tacoma who has been supporters of ours since day one of releasing any sort of product. They are currently the only retailer we sell to & at the moment & I wouldn't want it any other way for now. The truly know how to push product in & out of their space & they understand how to make their customers, friends, & locals believe in what they are selling. Umi who handles majority of their social media mainly the blog & Twitter account, had some very kind choice of words to say about our most recent product we just released online & in-store at ETC Tacoma & couldn't be more appreciative as we always are.

Thanks Umi!

Bricks and Wood is really catching steam as of late. They recently released BW script hats online and in-store via Club907 and and they sold out. Their return after a few months of no releases was met w/ open arms and solid reviews, between the two colors, burnt orange and black, the black were the first to sell out. Now the company has‎ moved onto another head wear offering; two 6 panels. The 'Simply Wood' cap is a muted blue material that mimics the color of washed denim, inspired by the Simply Lemonade packaging the cap has the word Wood in fine cursive writing and golden tan stitching. The other is a called the 'Pastelle', a Pastelle yellow 6 panel with Bricks and Wood signature logo branding front and center for the first time. Both caps have the Bricks and Wood branding embroidered on the back near the strap and brass closure and are available in-store and online via Club907. ‎

Both caps are currently available for purchase by clicking our SHOP link.